Monday , November 24 2014
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  1. Kulwinder Singh

    Waheguru G ka Khalsa Waheguru G ki Fateh ,

    I just wish you the sucess all the way comes to you for you noble cause of helping and protecting the girls and making their way back to Gursikhi and familly . Though i regular take matha at Gurudwara Sahib in Leeds but to my unfortunate that i missed your ( Baba Mohan Singh G) speech and programme on sunday.
    Me Hamesha Ardass karanga k Waheguru Aap G nu Success baksha and Hamesha Tuhade naal Rahe. If at any point of time opportuinty comes to me for doing such sewa i am always ready under your guidance .

    Kulwinder Singh

  2. How do we go about making donations to SAS?

    Please get all Sikhs Gurdwaras on board regardless of caste based i.e. Bhatra, Ravidassia, Ramgharia.

    Long Live The Khalsa!

  3. Well done to the SAS for high lighting the issues which our Sikh girls have experienced in this country since the early 80s. Unless we talk about these issues openly then they will not be resolved. What surprised me in the programme is that that the Muslim imman still looking for evidence that these perpetrators are muslims, the evidence is there, even the blind can see. How can you begin to discuss these issues with the Muslim leaders unless they accept the problem exists and it’s in their community.

    May long live the Khalsa.

  4. I have been involved in several grooming cases in and around Buckinghamshire of all places. I am a Solicitor . I have noted clearly that it seems to very much a policy stance not to pursue these cases too much in depth by the police basically to avoid Youth Muslim and Sikh conflict. Unless the Police are put under pressure they will not really take a deep insight. If anyone’s wishes to seek help on a seva basis please don’t hesitate to contact me. I have several reported cases against the police . Unfortunately I think our community is so behind and until we deal with supporting each other we will lose sight of what is actually happening. Well Done to the Sikh Awareness Society.

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