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Bbc Documentary On Sexual Grooming Of Under Age Sikh Girls And Follow Up On Sikh Channel – 2nd September 2013

Bbc Documentary On Sexual Grooming Of Under Age Sikh Girls And Follow Up On Sikh Channel – 2nd September 2013

MUST WATCH for all Sikh Sangat please !!! the following is a comprehensive list of all media exclusives this weekend which are essential reading and viewing for all Sikh Sangats and that we all get behind this media attention as it will be the first time these issues are aired on National TV.



‘Rising tensions ’ between Muslims and Sikhs over hidden pattern of sex grooming

Shame is an issue, says Mohan Singh, head of the Sikh Awareness Society
Times photographer, Paul Rogers
  • Mohan Singh, Head of Sikh Awareness Society
    Shame is an issue, says Mohan Singh, head of the Sikh Awareness SocietyTimes photographer, Paul Rogers
Published at 12:01AM, September 2 2013

Outrage over a hidden pattern of sex grooming triggered a mob attack on a restaurant and fears of escalating tension between Sikh and Muslim communities.

The restaurant targeted during vigilante action in Leicester was loosely linked to the abuse of a 16-year-old Sikh girl by a group of Muslim men.

Six adults were jailed on Friday for offences against the teenager including internal trafficking, facilitating child prostitution, inciting child pornography and paying for the sexual services of a child.

Their prosecution is thought to be the first in which a sex-grooming network has been convicted of crimes against a Sikh victim. Recent trials have exposed the abuse of white girls by street-grooming rings, mostly of Pakistani origin. Campaigners claim that child protection authorities have failed to recognise a similar targeting of Sikh children.

The crime model is under-reported, they say, partly due to the shame felt by Sikh families whose children fall victim to grooming gangs, but also because concerns are often mistakenly dismissed by agencies as “Sikhs complaining because they don’t like their daughter having a Muslim boyfriend”.

Early this year, word spread within Sikh communities about the case that led to last week’s sentencing. Rumours falsely suggested that police knew that a Sikh girl was being used for sex by Muslims but were refusing to intervene.The reality, said Detective Superintendent David Sandall, head of safeguarding at Leicestershire Constabulary, was that an inquiry had been launched but the 16-year-old victim had not yet given police a filmed interview.

In January, 50 Sikh men, some carrying knives, metal bars and bricks, attacked the Moghul Durbar restaurant in Leicester. Some of the girl’s abuse took place in a flat attached to the premises. Innocent staff and diners were attacked, three of them stabbed, and the restaurant was ransacked.

Seven men from Derby and Birmingham, of previous good character, were jailed for two years each for violent disorder. A judge described the attack as “mob rule” and “lawless anarchy”.

Their anger was fuelled by concern over the handling of previous cases. Last year, The Times visited a Sikh family in the West Midlands whose pleas for help from police and social services fell on deaf ears. Mohan Singh, head of the Sikh Awareness Society, travels the country to give public talks about the issue. His organisation runs a helpline and is dealing with 19 current cases around the country.“We have dealt with 600 cases over 15 years. In the 50 worst cases it was more than one man, all of them Muslims,” he said. “Shame is a major issue. People don’t want to go to the police so they come to us.”

Most child-sex offenders in Britain are white men, usually acting alone, but there are perpetrators from all religious backgrounds including Christians, Hindus and Sikhs. Muslims have, however, been significantly over-represented among networks convicted in recent years of street-grooming crimes against teenagers.

Five of the six men convicted last week in Leicester were Muslim and one was Hindu. Ashish Joshi, chairman of the Sikh Media Monitoring Group, said such gangs typically targeted girls “from outside their community”. He added: “They go for white, Sikh or Hindu girls because a small sub-section of the Muslim community holds the prejudiced view that non-Muslim girls are not to be respected like girls from their own community.”

In a BBC One film to be shown this evening, Sikh girls speak of being groomed for abuse by Muslims. who at first posed as Sikhs to win their trust.

Also interviewed is Ibrahim Mogra, assistant secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Britain, who says that such crimes are abhorrent but warns that “unsubstantiated allegations” about the targeting of Sikh children may cause “tensions between our communities”. It was “very wrong for society to blame a whole community”.

Inside Out, a special investigation into the exploitation of Sikh girls, will be shown at 7.30pm. The full half-hour film will be broadcast nationally on BBC One HD and regionally on BBC One London. A shorter version will be shown in other areas of the country.


Monday 2nd September – 7:30pm – BBC Inside Out London Special on Grooming of Sikh Girls by Muslim Men. (SKY CHANNEL 954 – BBC LONDON)



This programme has come about through the ongoing support work of the Sikh Awareness Society with abuse victims. The programme will highlight issues and problems that are being faced by the Sikh Community and how they are tackling these issues themselves.

An Inside Out London special, uncovers the hidden scandal of sexual grooming of young Sikh girls by Muslim men. Breaking their silence, they speak to Chris Rogers about their experiences at the hands of these predatory men and why justice is being denied to them by their own community and the police.


Monday 2nd September – 8pm – Sikh Channel – Sikh Ethics programme will discuss the BBC documentary 


After the BBC programme airs on TV on 2nd November straight after on the Sikh Ethics Programme on Sikh Channel from 8pm-9pm the programme will be discussed by Mohan Singh and the SAS team



Sky Channel 840, Rogers TV Channel 676, Bell Fibe TV Channel 667 online www.sikhchannel.tv/watchus and via iOS and Android applications.

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  1. Harinder Singh

    Hopefully an interesting documentary which will surface the predatory and vile nature of some muslims. It has long been going on and often muslims are remunerated for converting Sikhs/hindu girls to Islam.

  2. Great work in finally securing airtime on mainstream tv & highlighting this issue that in truth has always been there! As we are being forced to adopt the generic label of so called Asians, along with dilution of historical facts our cultural heritage and too much political correctness ,shying away from truths have all contributed to the explosion of Muslim mentality whereby anything or anyone called Kafir are fair game!! Be alert, be aware, be street!! They only understand one language! we should not be afraid to use it !

  3. Brilliant that such topics are aired and show the problems we have in society. However it should be clear that it is not a particular faith group but a culture behaviour of men mostly from Bangladesh, Indian & Pakistan have no respect for women generally and behaviour they can carry on such actions here in the UK.

    British born Asian men 90% would not do such sicken crimes and further more, Brit Asians do not actually get along with those we refer as Deshi. You tell the difference between British Asians and Deshi which needs to be address then generalising us all.

    I am British born Asian, who’s background is Indian & Bangladeshi whilst my wife is Indian Gujarati both Muslims.

    I like to end by saying thanks those supporting these young (girls) victims which is important and bring to the Polices attention. But more needs to be done to highlight the extent of the problem. For a example a Bangladeshi Mother & her brother were selling a Bengali teenager girl to family and none family members for sex exchange for money. Shocking of all it was her own daughter… The mother & uncle are now in prison and once again they are not British born but have only been in the UK since the last government.

  4. It is predominantly Muslim males who are involved in grooming. History of cases has shown this repeatedly.

    This is not to say that the whole of the Muslim community should be blamed. What it means is that the people in the Muslim community who are either involved in or promoting grooming, need to be revealed and dealt with by the law.

    Please read this article.


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