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Petition against the terminology ‘Asians’ to describe those convicted of sexual grooming

Petition against the terminology ‘Asians’ to describe those convicted of sexual grooming

Earlier this month (Dec 2013) on BBC Radio 4’s World at One, Simon Danczuk MP for Rochdale said there was “no doubt” ethnicity was a factor in grooming cases. He said “We still need a breakthrough, I think, in terms of the Asian community” Simon Danczuk’s use of the term ‘Asian’ in this context is grossly insulting to the Hindu and Sikh communities.

Those convicted in Simon Danczuk constituency for grooming of white British girls in May 2012, included 8 men of Pakistani origin and one from Afghanistan. Judge Gerald Clifton who sentenced the men said they treated the girls as though they were worthless and beyond respect” he added “One of the factors leading to that was the fact that they were not part of your community or religion”

The men were of predominantly Pakistani Muslim origin.

As in Simon Danczuk’s example, by masking the identity of perpetrators by using vague terminology ‘Asian’, we are unable to have a mature discussion or get to the root cause of an emerging pattern of criminality. This is important because…..

· Use of the word ‘Asian’ is unfair to Sikhs, Hindus and other communities who are of Asian origin and have not been involved in the emerging pattern of convictions for sexual grooming.

· 1.1 The reported convictions of men for sexual grooming of white British girls, almost always involve men of Pakistani origin.

· 1.2 There is reluctance by both government and media to discuss the disproportionate representation of Muslims in such cases.

· 1.3 Victims are almost always non-Muslim girls

· 1.4 The Hindu and Sikh communities have been complaining about targeting of their girls by Muslim men for decades

· 1.5 In August 2013, Muslim men were amongst those convicted for the sex grooming of a Sikh girl in Leicester.

· 1.6 Communities who themselves fall victim of this emerging pattern of criminality, should not be besmirched by the vague terminology ‘Asian’.

· 1.7 In order to help find a solution to the problem, we need to be clear on the identity of those involved. We will not be able to do this if we mask the identity based on misguided views of protecting a vulnerable community of perpetrators and not looking at the vulnerable community of victims.

· 1.8 Political correctness by some of our elected representatives is stifling an important debate.

· 1.9 We believe that in this case the government itself is sanctioning the use of term Asian as a way of clouding responsibility.

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Sikh Media Monitoring Group

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Sikh Awareness Society

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  1. sick of the news saying its asian gangs.. asian cover many races. its not a race thing. its a Muslim thing. they say they want to stop being scared of hiding the truth. but they still shit scared of saying its muslim.. well the truth is its gangs of muslim men raping white black indian and any other girls thats not muslim. its called war booty to them. their religious imams incurage them to do it. they do it in the name of ther filthy barbaric religion!!

  2. youhave my support.

  3. It has been proven the convicted men were predominantly Pakistani Muslims and it is only right to refer to them as such. But those in authority and media continue to use the term “Asian” to describe the perpetrators. Some including Sue Berelowitz put the blame on all Asians and others. This only proves they are all afraid of facing the facts or are still ignorant of it.
    Thanks to the good work of Sikh Awareness Society in bringing these perpetrators to book. But I would go further to call for the resignations of all those in authority who have shown complacency in handling this shameful matter and allowed it to continue year after year under their watch. Criminal proceedings should begin against those who did not do their duty to provide safety and security to the community. They should be severely fined by the Court. Praise to Alexis Jay for her report.
    On such an important issue, Cameron is quiet. Miliband is quiet. Theresa May washes her hands. Even talkative Boris is struck dumb.

  4. agree totally, using the word “Asian” is wrong it generalises everyone which is grossly unfair, why are the media allowed to do this when they know damn well it’s Muslim men who carry out these despicable deeds!

  5. I am just shocked by Sikh and Hindu leaders what is happening to our girls has never been menssoined in Gurdwaras or Manders.

  6. Surinder Khalsa

    Mr Mohan Singh ji you are doing a wonderful job together with your team but can you please do a program on Sikhs that have problem with appreciating all the issues discussed in your show ‘Sikh Ethics’ and also how about initiating a debate on having a Sikh Takhat outside of Punjab , India? We need to have our own Takhat where problems and issues concerning sikhs living outside of India can be dealt with. The Shromani Committee and the Delhi Committee are totally and completely useless when dealing with issues abroad and they just live in the centuries which have no place in the 21st modern world that most sikhs in diaspora live.

    Thank you very much.

  7. Harbhajan Singh

    more is needed for doing such an amazing work

  8. michael burton

    The fact these Muslim Pakistani men are doing Sunna and emulating the best of all creatures needs to be openly discussed.

  9. As an English white male with native ancestors going back to at least the 1700s I would like to express my support for your campaign and my admiration for the Sikh community who also suffer at the hands of Pakistani Muslims. Sikhs have strong historical ties with the British and we thank you for your comradeship over the years. Sikhs are welcome in this country. The more I see and hear about Pakistani Muslims the more I wished they had not been allowed to come here. A corrupt and backward people lacking in the common decency and morality we both share. We stand with you. You are not “Asians”. You are our friends.

  10. Pratibha Patel

    So true they should be named as Pakistanis not Asians.

  11. The problem exists on such a horrendous scale for two reasons: political correctness among the liberal do-gooders and Islam itself. It is not a peaceful religion and history testifies to this. Men are taught to emulate Mohammed. When you consider that Mohammed married a 9 year old, and had several wives, what does one expect his followers to do? hli

  12. Dear Mohan Singh. I have just attended the talk at the BPM Mandir in Birmingham. I love the work you are doing. It is inspiring to see that you are bringing Sikhs and Hindus together to fight against these issues which the authorities are too cowardly to tackle.

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