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About Sikh Awareness Society

The Sikh Awareness Society (SAS) was established in 1998 amongst growing concerns of the ‘grooming’ of our youth. In Britain today Sikh youth are still actively targeted on the basis of their religion and history. This historically linked hate-crime causes much emotional distress to the families involved with the majority of these cases ending up in abuse.

Under common Punjabi mentality, these issues are still considered ‘taboo’ and are rarely addressed by the Gurdwara Sahibs, and Sikh community leaders. Therefore the victims of this hate-crime tend to suffer in silence.

The SAS was initially set up to deal with these issues. Since 1998 the SAS has grown to tackle many more issues affecting the Sikh community and the Sikh youth in Britain today.

We are now regarded as a leading independent Sikh advisory board, speaking for the concerns of the Sikh Sangat. The SAS originally operated as a discreet, confidential service, providing counselling and support to the West Midlands Sikh community.

Due to an increasing number of calls from distressed Sikh families; in April 2006 we decided to expand our services and go nationwide, to address the Sikh Sangat to the issues and problems facing our community.

We initially started out in ‘problem areas’ i.e. towns/cities where we knew of serious hate-crimes and abuse in the past. We quickly came to realise it is a national problem and far more deep-rooted.


  • Raises awareness of current problems facing the Sikh community.
  • Provides a confidential 24-hour telephone and call-out service to the Sikh Sangat.
  • Counselling and rehabilitation programs.
  • Promotes greater understanding of Sikh religious concepts and history.
  • Sikh out-reach programs.
  • Provides ‘Big Brother’ and ‘Big Sister’ support for Sikh youth
  • Acts as a liaison body between the Sikh youth and the Committees of the Gurdwara Sahibs.
  • Works to document and expose hate-crime and human rights violations against Sikhs.

Mission Statement

A  community organisation, run entirely by volunteers. We are
proactive and run outreach program’s in GURDWARA’s , Universities,
Schools and Colleges and any other organisation or establishment that
would invite us.

We have a 24 hour help line were we can be contacted (in the STRICTEST
CONFIDENCE) with any issues that concern the community, prominently

We need everyone to be aware that this issue will not simply go away…we

fail to address the true factual evidence reported to GOVERNMENT AND
GOVERNMENT BODIES..This information NEEDS to be highlighted at every
level with transparency …. to serve and protect all our children.


Raising Awareness – Seminars

43 seminars held at Gurdwara Sahibs, camps, universities and colleges – raising awareness of key issues affecting the Sikh community.
Raising Awareness – Meetings

* Meeting with London Metropolitan police – minorities’ liaison officers & hate-crime departments.
* Meeting with representative of The Department for Education – raising concerns of the radicalisation and grooming of Sikh youth at British universities.
* Meetings with Gurdwara Committees – developing strategies to support local Sikh sangat.

Counselling, Rehabilitation & Support

  • Reconciled 39 young Sikhs with their families, and providing continuous support and guidance.
  • One to one counselling and support provided to 67 families.
  • Supporting victims of racially motivated hate crime.
  • Supporting people influenced by the affects of drink and drugs.
  • 24-hour telephone support.
  • Police and Prosecution
  • 3 cases where the SAS has worked with the victims and the police to pursue prosecution under Paedophile Grooming Laws
  • The SAS has highlighted over 10 cases of racially motivated assault and abuse to the Police
  • Outreach program
  • Out Reach Programs
  • Initiated 7 National out-reach programs.
  • 4 Week Sikhi camp held at the tranquil settings of Baru Sahib – India

Sikh Awareness Society Members

* 27 new Sewadars Nationwide – each providing unique skills.

We would like to say a heartfelt thank-you to all those who have supported our endeavour.
A special thank-you to the youth who had the courage to stand up to intimidation and those who stood by us during testing times.* We are seeking someone who can write articles, document hate-crime and human rights violations for our new website *Those of you who would like to get involved in your local area, or have ideas or suggestions please contact us.We would greatly appreciate your feedback – tell us about your experiences, issues that affect you and about topics you think we should tackle.


  1. waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh ji. I have a request to sikh awareness gurmukhs that could u plz plz organise an event on ‘grooming’ at singh sabha gurudawara, havelock road southall. Your event will make major positive effect on many people’s lives.

  2. Veer Ji/Bhen Ji
    Do you have a presentation that we cannot do to the youngsters at our Gurdwara. Also is it OK to print Good Parenting Tips and put it on the notice board or you could e-mail it with your Society’s name on it which we are allowed to put on the notice board.

  3. Gurfateh ji,
    You’re all doing an amazing job! Please can you provide details with how everyone else can help? donations, presentations etc.

  4. I sent a link before but please do check
    very interesting site sach jooth rab jaane

  5. Narinder Singh

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Ji.

    I would be interested in discussing ‘child sexual exploitation or ‘child grooming’. I have delivered training at singh sabha gurudawara, in derby. I am a social worker based in Derby City. If interested in the social work perspective, please email me.

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Ji.

  6. I would like to thank you for the great service you provide to our community and raising awareness

  7. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Ji

    Dear Mohan Singh,

    I just watched your programme on Sikh Channel,

    We are truly blessed to know that there are true GurSikhs of Waheguru like you on this earth, doing Waheguru’s work, for the whole community, please stay true to this,

    Please let me know how I can offer seva/help to your great organisation,

    Please carry on this great and huge task,

    My Love, Respect and admiration


  8. Gurmukh Singh

    Simran and seva go together in Sikhi. Without such Sikh social activism, Sikhi jeevan (living) is incomplete.
    Well done Mohan Singh ji & keep up the great seva that you and your collegues are doing. My better half is watching the BBC 1 programme recorded this evening, for the second time. That is some compliiment indeed !

    Gurmukh Singh

  9. Sandeep Kaur Sandhu

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

    I have just watched the BBC programme and the follow on discussions on the Sikh Channel. I would like to express my admiration for this organisation. I have the utmost respect for Mr Mohan Singh and the rest of the volunteers. I have emailed the organisation privately as to how I can support the cause and urge others to do the same.

    I look forward to hearing from you.



  10. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Ji

    Having just watched the Inside Out segment on BBC1 followed by the programme on the Sikh Channel, I would like to thank the SAS for all their hard work & effort in highlight this very disturbing issue & more importantly all the hard work that you guys have been doing to support victims & their families. I would like to offer my time as a volunteer to this great organisation, please email me if I can be of any help at all.

    All the best in this desperately important mission.

  11. Gurmit singh deol

    Just watched this documentary and I am shocked that my monay sikh brother all seem to be missing in action. ….once again it comes down to sardars to make the effort. …..I wish to volunteer my services in anyway I can……good luck from Glasgow

  12. I watched the documentary on BBC yesterday and would like to thank you for higlighting this crime against women and girls in the UK. I am a manager of Beverly Lewis House, a safe house for women with learning disabilities in east London. I was wondering if you have experience of this crime being perpetrated against this vulnerable group in your area? We certainly have had expeiences, similar to those depicted in the programme and wondered if we could offer our services? Best wishes Asha

  13. First of all I have the utmost respect for Mr Mohan Singh Ji, who has devoted himself to such a worthy cause!!

    You are an inspiration to us all and may god bless you and the SAS with endless motivation and strength in these testing times.

    I was once actively involved with a local group of lads that ensured no girls would fall into the evil clutches of this crime and prevent exploitation. Now the story has changed, our own guys and girls socialise with these scum to allow them to infiltrate our circles of socialism.

    I am eager to write articles and provide you material to use in your presentations from my experiences and those I have heard of. I also offer you my assistance to assist in the Big brother approach to talk to anyone who feels trapped in this situation.

    How would I go about this?

  14. Gurcharan Pal Singh Matwala

    I viewed the programme on BBC yesterday and was very moved with its contents.

    I am a solicitor in the firm of Matwala Vyas LLP Solicitors, 3 Electric Parade, Seven Kings Road, Ilford, Essex IG3 8BY (tel 020 8597 5097).

    My firm will be prepared to give free advice, assistance and representation to those who do not qualify for legal aid and who are either victims of grooming or harassment. In particular, we can obtain court injunctions to protect them and their families from harassment, intimidation, use or threat of violence

  15. Sat Sri Akal ji

    I’m a PG student from India & I just watched this documentary, Sir Mohan Singh ji is doing a stupendous job for the community. Being a sikh, I also feel that these obnoxious worms who are spreading this sexual grooming to the innocent girls should be given stringent punishment. The girls who have done nothing are paying a huge price by living far off from their families.

    As SAS is doing a very good job by spreading awareness & what I can only do is to get the SAS website viral on the internet so that the people out their can benefit from it.

    Main sevak eni hi seva kar pavanga ji.

  16. Harpreet Singh

    Respected Bhai Sahib

    Sat Sri Akal !!

    Let’s do something in this regard?

    The report by BBC UK news channel

    I have been reading forums on the physical torture and forcible conversions of Sikh Girls by these other bastards for whom a girl is just a piece of flesh to satiate their lust. I hope our people do read this with open eyes and minds and keep them open even after reading this.

    Our children (teenage & adults) should try to understand that we have immigrated there just in pursuit of greener pastures, so that we can provide them good education, good lifestyle in terms of economics, better law and order to help them become good & responsible citizens without having to struggle for these things.

    Kindly contact all your good offices in UK and try to provide a rapid action solution to this problem. Do contact all the Sikh Groups there and make them come under one flag to address this problem which is spreading like forest fire. Try the best to protect our minor children there from these radicals and educate our teenage & adult children about our religion and Guru’s teachings.

    Warm Regards
    Harpreet Singh

  17. Sleeping Lions

    Mohan Singh is a credit to the sikh religion and SAS is definitely needed and should be supported by all sikhs.

    There no longer seems to be a deterrent for these groomers. I remember stories being told years ago about Sikh youths taking this problem directly to those responsible and I heard it was very effective. I heard that Pakistani Muslim guys were deterred and knew of the consequences back then. I heard this used to help keep incident numbers down.

    There should be a seva organised by Sikhs to chaperone vulnerable and affected females that want help to keep these types of perverts and pedophiles at bay. This could be done in each city.

    Maybe all females should adopt the Hijab style of dress?

    Looks like Sikhs are also opening themselves up to this problem again by not educating females of this historic pattern. And for any gurudwara leaders reading this, less faith groups and more Sikh groups please. Get your priorities in order.

    • Sleeping lions… whilst I agree with mosy of what you say…… What I couldn’t get my head around was your comment that “maybe all females should adopt the Hijab style of dress” …. why would you think that was an option or even a question to ask…….??????

      Perhaps we need to look at why these perverts can’t control themselves…. and how they would feel if the shoe was on the other foot. The problem is that we are all closing our eyes to this because we have done for so many years… Come on Sikh Warriors, brothers and sisters…. lets work together to combat this, instead of making comments that don’t make sense.
      I am a proud Sikh woman and would rather not be seen in a Hijab thank you very much… Our style of dress is respectable and one I’m very proud to wear…. we don’t need covering up… we just need to unite!

  18. It’s upsetting to see these girls suffering and their parents suffer but they make it worse. They all seem to forget the quote: Sawa Lakh Se Ek Ladaun every Sikh must remember this and build confidence to fight the evil criminals. In the area we live in there are loads of Muslims, but remembering “Sawa Lakh Se Ek Ladaun” helps me to deal with the problems I encountered and be very confident. Now they all keep away.

    I am willing to help these girls and their parents by talking to them and giving advice on how to deal with these problems.

  19. I watched both programmes on Monday Inside out and Sikh Channel, its so shocking to know what is going on in UK. Like to say that SAS is doing a fantastic job, may wahe guru bless the entire team and give you strength

    From Toronto, Canada

  20. SAS thank you for everything that you guys are doing, giving hope to the victims, supporting them and fighting for their justice.

  21. Harminder singh

    I watched this vedio about the sexual expliotation and grooming of Sikh girls in Uk..I was shocked. My relatives are lives there but they never talked about this..I am from india.i talked about this in our religion here in india with people about these kinds of things happens abroad with our sikh brothers they said mitti paao…es te..means stop this talking shop..Its now started in india as well..but people are Hindus…I have same kind of experiences with these kind of things i will definely bring this to light.People,s mentaly needs to be changed…its not the question of honor and dignity..its the question of how u fight for your child,s right.,.We indians are conservatives…If i could be any help…for please let me know..

  22. Mohammed Ibrahim raees Al-Shafi'i

    A lot of respect should be given to Mohan Singh. I am Muslim convert whom feels very strongly towards this issue of child grooming. I believe the best way to combat this issue further is a liaison between our communities and further more educating out youth male and females of the correct conduct. I find this sick people whom perform these actions disgusting and a disgrace to humanity.

    They bring a bad name to the religion of Islam and bad sterotype to Asian men. It’s very important that young women are taught to guard themselves against such predators, additionally we as two religions must unite against this issue.

    I pray the peace comes to the families that have been hurt, that no more girls will be affected and this sick men get caught or drastically correct themselves.

    Best of luck to Mohan Singh on this issue, I’ll also be more than willing to help your cause and help engage the Muslim community to combat this issue. Truly this is disgusting.

  23. First and foremost i would like to extend my warm gratidue to the brother Mohan Singh. He is tacking a issue that no one wants to talk about or engage in.

    Secondly please don’t think that all British Pakistani muslim men are engaged in such horrific crimes.
    I am a young British Pakistani Muslim and I watched the inside out documentary today and I am absolutely horrified at the actions of these perverts. This is a truely discuscting act from these so called muslim. They give Islam and its followers such a bad name.

    The sister who is a muslim convert expressed her views above is right we need to tackle this problem by working together between the two communities. These criminals need to be brought to justice for ruining childrens and their parents lives and I personally would like to see them hanged. There is no room to tolerate such despicable act.

    One of my closest friend from university is a Sikh and I have learned a great deal about Sikhism and have upmost respect for your religion and your way of life. We need to come together not just to learn about each other but also to work together. If I can be of any help in anyway than please do get in touch and we can organise a joint talk to both communities because believe me we are just as much in the dark and horrified by these perverts as you are.

    May God almighty protect us all from such evil doers and keep our children and loved ones safe. Ameen

  24. First of all I would like to pass on my big thank you to the SAS and to Mr Mohan Singh Ji, I have watched with great interest all the recent programmes on Child grooming, and the programme shows on 840 to elaborate on this serious issue.

    I watched the programme aired on channel 840 last night hosted by Mr Mohan Singh JI and the other presenter (sorry I cannot remember the name) and it was very informative and I sat down with my 9 year old daughter and we watched this show together, and then I tried to explain the contents of the programme to her. The SAS is doing a very good job for our community together with Mr Mohan Singh Ji, I have my deepest respect for this gentleman, he is doing great seva for our community and it takes a lot of guts and courage to do what he is doing together with other members of the SAS.

    I would be very grateful if Mr Mohan Singh JI could organise these workshops in the area of Kent, at Erith Gurdwara (Erith Kent) and Gravesend Gurdwara.

    I think our community needs to wake up now and do something to put an end to this nasty problem.

    I was shocked and upset to hear that girls as young as 6 have now become victims of these dirty perverts.

    As it has already been said time and time again that we must educate our child at home, give them the time and attention that they need and do our very best in ensuring that they are aware of these serious issues in our community and be alert and cautious at all times, only then we will be able to tackle this serious issue.

    Please keep up the good work.

    Kind regards,

  25. My greatest respect.
    My greatest dilemma is that there is a lot of work ahead. Our Sikh community needs to become observant and realise what kind of society exists. We need training and understanding for our daughters and young children. I am a police officer serving in the MET and a member of the Police Sikh Society. I will raise with the Society to give its support and attention to this growing concern.

    Sincere regards,

    Mrs R Jassal

  26. You Sikh people need to get your heads sorted. If your girls are being abused then stop the abusers. Forget your honor. Don’t brush this shit under the carpet and hide your abused. Expose these horrid pretend Muslim guys. They are abusive on a massive scale and hide behind a religion where people tread on eggshells to not offend. I’m sick of hearing about these horrible people being allowed to do what they want because they claim they are Muslim. I’ve witnessed these so called Muslims drinking,gambling, doing basically anything they want without any remorse until questioned. Then they are Muslim and you are offending their religion by questioning their morality. These guys are not Muslim…. they are perverts,… frauds,… criminals. Step above your honor and protect your children.

    • How beautifully said! If we could let each and every girl/family/community around the world know this message over and over, that would be “THE END” to all the misery and suffering the victims and their families go through.

  27. Thank you for bringing these issue to light. These atrocities have indeed been going on for years and I am glad that help is being given to these girls. I just feel saddened that in this day and age many parents are not prepared to stand by their families and are more concerned about community gossip. Please can you consider travelling around to other local Gurdwaras to encourage our older generations to open their eyes to what is going on and encourage open discussions about this and other issues surrounding our children.

  28. waheguru g ka khalsa waheguru g ki fateh

  29. Hello I called The Sikh ethics show suggesting charities like yourself become known to the Sikh public of all ages. Like I suggested.we do have a lot of car park space in our Ghudwaras and with it comes wall space where you could put a board up saying who you are and how to get in contact with you I have met a lot of women from our community who have issues who don’t always want do to things via the internet. they sometimes just want advise I think other Sikh charities should advertise them selves like this as well as it would bring the community closer together and I think charities like your should try to attend as many Nagar Kirtan up and down the country. The reason I have suggested this is because I had an issue about 6 years ago and I looked everywhere for charities like for help and advise,but there was nothing, had information been available in the Ghudwara I would have got support from my community.Anyway I won and came out the other side but many people don’t and end up on anti depressants


  30. Some excellent work going on which my son has made me aware of. I am so pleased that you guys are carrying out the true meaning of Sikhi to protect young people from such terrible harm. I am in Telford and have worked as a Welfare officer for some time and feel really pasionate about these issues for any race/ culture. I work very closly with the Child Protection Safeguarding board and have also been deliveting Child protection training. If i can be of any help in such good work; please please let me know.

  31. Grooming by muslims is not new. It’s happened for centuries. It’s a part of their DNA–sorry to say this.
    In order to change habits-you’ll have to alter their DNA. Problem is that they are so inbred through consanguinous marriages that unravelling the DNA will take a genius of a molecular biologist to do so. An easier solution is to carry out compulsory castrations of all muslim young men in the Uk of pakistani origin-simple, quick and effective.

  32. Danesh Kumar Thaakar

    Gone on decades. Bhai Sahib SIngle Handedly took on a Mammoth Task in such a dignified manner held it down given magnitude of whats there.

    Qualities n ever growth attained from Nam Simran/ Bani held by practicing Sikhs is admirable continually serving as the Essence. Nothing can take that away.

    Imported Tribalism from India must stop. Councils Mps Media authorities need to b lobbied United effort. Every Victim needs swift Justice spanning tym. System needs accountability to its taxpayers.

    It is confronting n conflicting issues like this that first inspired me into SIkhi, made me question how do i hold onto what i have?

    I wish i can take a journey step further into Sikhi with Paat n do more when i hear of how much SIkhs serve frontlines in our modern lives.

    Just set up a donation and offer whatever I can in terms in Seva. I welcome any1 to get in touch. My Num is 07951 322886 BAsed in London. Heard it was bad up North but never knew how much.

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

  33. Hello

    May I be allowed to commend you for your good work.

    This may be naïve but are there any ways you can increase the reach of your message? Contact groups like Mumsnet, The Law and Freedom Foundation and the Ex muslim Council. Some of those organisations have common purpose to your own, there is a useful synergy there.

    If I can help in any way please feel to contact me.

    Keep up the good work and I wish you good fortune.

    John Donelon

  34. Well done, so proud of your service. Keep up with good work.

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