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To all the people offering to help and volunteer. We would like to thank everyone for their support and offers for assistance.
We need you, the only way we can tackle this issue is if we all work together as a community.

As you can already see the police and authorities have not and can not deal with this situation alone.
We as a community need to be proactive and make sure we can help to keep as many children safe as we can.

The best thing you can do is arrange a program at your local Gurdwara on a Sunday in the main Divan or at Sikh Camps?Community Centres or for University Students to organise a seminar at your local university where the SAS team can come and openly discuss the issue of grooming and sexual abuse. It will also be an opportunity to meet everyone who wants to get involved and start to set-up local awareness groups who can make a massive difference to their local communities.

Be aware, be prepared, be enlightened and stay safe!

Bhai Mohan Singh
(Sikh Awareness Society)

 To arrange an event in your area please email [email protected]

Please fill in the volunteer database form below and we will keep you updated on when we have an event near you so we can meet.


  1. Watched the BBC documentary and was further horrified. Is there anyway non-Sikh’s can help?

    • Sikhs and non-Sikhs girls are a target by muslim men so spread the word as much as possible, we need to protect our girls but we need to do it as a collective

    • Hi I’m a Hindu Gujarati female and would like to say your documentary was very powerful and exactly what the Asian community needed. I am applaud by the Polices involvement and can’t commend you Mohan Singh for all your hard work, you truly are a legend. Keep up the good work and as a non Sikh I would love to help out. I’m based in Leicester.

    • Hi Steve,

      Of Course, I’m sure all are welcome… Perhaps you could organise an event or just contribute. whatever you have in mind. This website offers lots of advise on how you can get invovled. I was also horrified and I am Sikh… It’s people like you who can make a difference.

      thank you…

    • Mickey Singh Osan

      Steve Being a sikh is not just being to one single religion, we accept any person from any cast keeping the gender or cast aside the only thing that should matter is u should be true by your heart and you should never support what is wrong and should fight back what is wrong..
      to help here or join this movement u need not be a sikh the only thing that should matter is u should be a true person.

    • I would love to help in any way and raise awareness to every single girl out there. All the girls no matter where you from… Some of these men that do this to the girls need to be punished.

      Girls we need to think and use our minds over the hearts now… the same applies in the future, if there is anything that I personally can help with then I can.

      Please do get in touch


  2. Sandeep Singh

    Sign up

  3. Raj Singh Kalsi

    Gurfateh Ji,

    I would love to help and raise awareness I am very pationate about Sikhi and want to help our community until my last breathe. I’m from Wolverhampton what I ever I can do to help please do get in touch

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ke Fateh

  4. I am so pleased to see that something is being done. I remember a good few years ago when Muslim community was targeting Sikh Women and trying to convert them and again they were pretending to be Sikh Men. The Sikh girls need to be aware and to think with their head and not their heart.

  5. Lakhveer Singh

    Great work is being done by SAS, we all need to get together and fight this problem! it not just about Sikhs, non-Sikhs also have the same problem.

    Any Type of abuse is not acceptable ! Let take step together and fight for such horrific crimes

  6. please please i am a hindu i want to help

  7. Like most muslims, and Pakistanis I was shocked, and saddened to hear about another such story.
    I feel, as a British born Muslim, of parents who are Pakistani/Indian, that the problem is more driven around the pakistani community, and their cultural ideology, or in fact their total lack of education and culture.

    Islam does not teach this kind of behaviour in any circumstance.

    I have put myself forward to volunteer.

    The best way to tackle this is to 1) Acknowledge that this is a Pakistani Issue 2) Focus on liaising with Pakistani Community leaders 3) Work with local mosques and get our sikh brothers to come and talk to the elders and explain what these boys are doing and finally 4) get people to grass up people who do this, people hide away and do not “shop” their own.

    I wish nothing but peace, and one to help.

    One love.

    • You talk about getting ‘Sikh brothers to come and talk to the elders and explain what these boys are doing’ but you know just as well as everyone else that it is your elders and your imams that encourage you to abuse Sikh girls.

      For decades your community has known what your boys have been doing but you’ve always denied it. Now that it’s all in the open – thanks to the work of good people like Mohan Singh and the SAS volunteers – you’ve gone from point blank denials to damage limitation and claiming that these things shock you.

      The case of the Sikh girl abused in Leicester is a case in point. When the Sikh boys went to that restaurant and roughed up the Muslim paedophiles there were angry Muslims on the radio the next day saying that Sikhs were just causing trouble and that no abuse was going on. Then when the Muslims (and let’s not forget the two Hindus that were involved in the abuse) were arrested you all went quiet.

      Mohan Singh (or anyone at the SAS who reads this) – I think extra vetting of volunteers might be necessary as a result of the exposure the programme has brought the SAS. We know that guys from the Muslim community pretend to be Sikhs in order to get access to their victims and there is a risk that people will start doing that to infiltrate the SAS.

      • Very good point Sandeep Singh and well said.

      • ‘Imams promote grooming rings’, Muslim leader claims
        The Oxford grooming ring was promoted by imams who encourage followers to think white women deserve to be “punished”, an Islamic leader has claimed.

      • Volunteers should be screened, even if its basic background checks, confirm where they work etc…then we know for sure who they are, I really hope they are screened.
        But, what evidence do YOU have to suggest that imams encourage this? By focusing on one group, we could end up being exposed to another.
        One of the messages I got from the BBC documentary was about educating the parents and trying to make the Sikh community see that ignorance of this topic is going to leave our girls with nowhere to turn, instead the parents should swallow their pride and put their kids’ wellbeing first.

      • Dear Brother Sandeep.

        I am absolutely horrified by your reply to Maz Ahmad in which you state “but you know just as well as everyone else that it is your elders and your imams that encourage you to abuse Sikh girls”

        He is offering sincere support, yet, you accuse him and us, as Muslim, of such low behaviour.

        Please work with us – and not against us. I am Muslim and I have Sikh family members – so I know first hand that there is a LOT of propaganda against Muslims within the Sikh community. Please don’t believe everything you hear. The Sikh community is absolutely filled with misconceptions about Muslims.

        Large majority, if not all mosques in UK would welcome you. You can go an see yourself exactly what the imams are teaching. Some are definitely fundamentalists – which is a whole another problem – but such low accusations are absolutely out of line.

        Like Maz Ahmad said, this is a Pakistani community issue – not a Muslims vs Sikh issue. Please work with us – not against us. Please don’t ally with the likes of EDL and other such groups. If this was a Muslim issue, than the bastard devils who are abusing Sikh sisters would also include Arab, African, Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, Bangali and a bunch of other types of Muslims from other countries.

        Please don’t believe everything you hear. Do your own research on every subject and objectively come up with your own conclusions.

        I’ll repeat again and again – please work with us – not against us.

        Thank you.

        • Salman i appreciate your comments and agree that there are bad apples from all walks of life.

          I think the issue is of trust – we are always unsure of whether a Muslim is genuinely friendly or performing taqiya to try to convert or bring us under the fold of Islam.

          I have met both types some Muslims are true are like my brothers but some through some twisted understanding believe it’s their right to befriend under false pretences and try to convert my sister or daughter from right under my nose.
          Grooming started many years ago when it started off Muslim boys romancing girls and converting them, at no point did any Muslim elder or cleric, who came across any of these young vulnerable girls thought we should send her home to her family, NO instead they took advantage and converted them saying we have done DAWAH by using taqiya by pretending to be Sikh as wearing a kara.
          Now this silence over the years has backfired and now that the romancing is more sinister. It has gone from just converting to now just sexual gratification and horrific abuse

          and now all of you approaching us saying it’s not Islam, where was your voice 10 years ago when a 13 year old Sikh girl was living with a mulla in Birmingham, he did not seek to send a young girl back to her parents who were crying and distraught, instead he converted her according to her Muslim boyfriends wishes and the propagation that bringing a non-believer into Islam is more important than the morality of protecting young girls and sending them back to their parents where they belong until they are of an age to understand and make an adult decision.

          The only reason Muslims are coming out now and saying this stuff is because it has finally blown back in your face and you are shamed in front of all communities. Where were your voices when there was a Kaur to Khan Event 10 years ago where many girls were converted live on stage to try to shame our community? Where were the Muslims then saying we should not be doing this to other people’s sisters?

          This active targeting and entrapping and sexual grooming young females has actually evolved and comes from the Islamic need to propagate and convert all non-believing kuffars to Islam through Taqiya and Kitnam.

          Most Muslim people are good but their religion, Islam has too many dodgy rituals and rules that allow unthinkable acts to be perpetrated by evil men. There is need For good Peace loving Muslims to dominate the few extremists.
          Now you may be a good person and human being but the problem salman is that the grand muftis in Saudia Arabia are saying things like all churches in middle east should be demolished, non Muslims should be taxed jizya, women should not go out of house without husbands permission, women cant drive or come on tv, child marriage starting from the age 6, beating of wife is permitted, wife’s inability to refuse husband sex, Taqiya lying is ok if it helps to convert someone, women have to cover up, if women are raped they have to have 4 witnesses, temporary marriages used to just sleep with girls, non-believers must not be taken as friends, slaves are allowed and sex slaves are allowed. Female prisoners are raped before execution in Iran to ensure they cannot enter heaven, women must cover up because males might get aroused so its her fault, and the list goes on.

          now all these things my friend, are the things you need to deal with within the Muslim community, before you come here and tell us not to judge or be wary of Muslims. You take no criticism as a Muslim community, you just say the bad people are not Muslims, this is not part of Islam, but really it depends on who you ask.

          More Muslims have been raped and killed by other Muslims than any other outside community

          Our Tenth Master Guru Gobind Singh ji told us not to trust Muslims even if they do a thousand kasams on the Quran because the Mughal rulers of his time swore on the Quran but then still attacked innocent people who were supposed to be given free passage.

          Would I trust a Muslim person with my wife or daughter? trust them that they will not try to convert them if they got the chance? I am sorry but the answer is NO. I mean where is the respect, and the reputation is already bad.

          julie siddiqi from the islamic society of britain said in a video interview that people in the community around Oxford knew about the grooming going on i Oxford but did nothing. taxi drivers, shop owners, dads, uncles grandfathers were the customers.

          in the Muslim women s network report unheard voices it says that some abusers are from religious backgrounds, priests and in one case they would pick the girls up on a Friday on the way home from prayer, so even your own women are saying there is a problem/

          I leave you with this bit of news which I know will distress you greatly but you need to wake up and see that there is a huge problem.

          • Dear brother Binder,

            “NO instead they took advantage and converted them saying we have done DAWAH by using taqiya by pretending to be Sikh as wearing a kara.”

            This is exactly the problem.

            Growing up in the western context, and attending mosques all my life, I’ve never heard of anyone actually doing this, encouraging this, or even thinking about doing this in our community. I absolutely don’t deny that this has happened in several circumstances in the past. It is also absolutely true that some have been forced and pressured into converting, and some have converted out of their own will.

            The problem is that those handful of instances continue to perpetuate in the Sikh community as if it’s common occurrence and as if all Muslim men are out to get Sikh sisters to convert them – and that’s something that’s systematically encouraged by the leadership – but this is ABSOLUTELY false.

            I encourage you to attend any mosque – you would be welcome in most, if not all – and see for your self what the Imams are teaching. Go and talk to the imams and see for yourself first hand. Please don’t perpetuate these old stories of a few instances.

            You know, there is another similar story – within the Pakistani/Indian Muslim community – that all the Sikh have vowed to not cut their hair until all Muslims are dead. Many in our community actually believe this and continue to propagate this silly absurd story which has no basis in reality. Please make sure you are not doing the same thing within your community.

            Dawah is certainly an important part of Muslims’ lives and Islam – but there is absolutely no room in Dawah for deception, coercion, etc – and the type of act that the bastard devils morons that have hurt our Sikh sisters have done is absolutely out of the question – and has no room within the fold of Islam – not even in the most fundamentalist brand of Islam.

            Again, I encourage you to work with us – not against us.

            BTW, as I mentioned – I have family members who are Sikh. I’ve studied Sikhism and have never heard of the quote you mentioned by 10th Guru about not trusting Muslims. From what I know about Sikhism, that makes absolutely no sense – other wise you would not trust parts of Granth Sahib itself as parts of it have been contributed to be Muslims – right?

            I encourage you to visit your local mosques and see what we are teaching, what we are being taught, who is teaching, etc. and make objective judgements yourself.

            You may end up encountering some opinions that you may disagree with, e.g. the issues that are hotly debated – fundamentalism, homosexuality, but, no mosque, no matter how fundamentalist or liberal it may be, would encourage, support or condone what has been done to the Sikh sisters as well as other teenage Caucasion Brits.

            BTW, the news you shared,, further perpetuates the problem I am trying to point out. What a small percentage of people of Muslim origin do does NOT represent the rest of the 1.6 Billion amongst us. We all have bad apples.

            There have been plenty of stories about honor killing amongst people of Indian/Pakistani origin – of all religions, including Sikh – but it would not be fair to point them out based on their religion.

            Again, this is a societal problem.

            Please visit your local mosque and judge for your self.

            Thank you.

        • I agree that these Pakistani criminals find Sikh vs Muslim or Muslim vs Non-Muslim as a perfect favorable factor to commit crimes against Sikh or other Non-Muslim girls. The reality is that these are criminals within their own community first. I am from US and this local Pakistani new paper of Houston community completely explains the evil dynamics of Pakistani community. This truly is an issue of Pakistani criminal finding Sikh girls or Non-Muslim girls as perfect prey for crimes in the name of shame or honor and blackmail them. These criminals know that neither the Sikh victims nor the Sikh families will ever know that these are not the matters of them (the criminals)being Sikh or Muslim or honor or shame. Because of such misunderstanding on part of Sikh victims or Sikh families, these Pakistani criminals know that they can easily blackmail these victims. Not only these criminals commit horrible crimes but get exalted to the pedestal of shame or honor or Sikh vs. Muslim or Muslim vs Non-Muslim. Can you imagine an American/British pedophile blackmailing the victim in the name of shame or honor or hoping his crime will be perceived at a personal level based on some historical facts?
          This newspaper completely explains the evil dynamics of any Pakistani community. For us to think of their crimes in terms of honor or shame or blaming the victim or in terms of Sikh vs Muslim or Muslim vs Non-Muslim and even mention hate based on historical facts is a high pedestal for them. If these criminals come to know that they can not blackmail Sikh girls or Non-Muslim based on these factors, that they can not hide their despicable crime behind Sikh vs Muslim issues or Muslim vs Non-Muslim issues or honor or shame, these criminals will stop thinking of Sikh or other Non-Muslim girls/families as a perfect prey to prey upon. These are despicable criminals who know no other way of making money. These are despicable criminals who commit crimes for the sake of crime itself. The Sikh/Indian community needs to wake up to the fact that 98% of the despicable crimes around the world are committed by alluring the victim one way or the other. And 98% of these crimes are committed by alluring the victim through dating or by using general aspects of life. And that such alluring has nothing to do with personal lives of the victims, their families and their community.

          • Wanted to add something here. That these Pakistani criminals has nothing to do with personal lives of Sikh girls or Sikh families or their community. However they use personal values of Sikh families to think of any such ugly crime in terms of honor or shame or victims’s responsibility and Muslim vs Sikh issues as a favorable factor the way any pedophile looks for favorable circumstances to kidnap a child, the same way a murder thinks of isolated places or darkness of night as a favorable circumstance to commit a crime. The Sikh community/Indian community needs to wake up to this fact that Pakistani criminals who commit ugly crimes do exist within Pakistani community. And many times even in their media, businesses and leadership. We have to question why we think of honor or shame or blaming the victim or Muslim vs Sikh issues in such horribly criminal situations. If the world thought like us, then no rapist or a pedophile or a murder will ever get punished. Then no victim of Ariel Castro will ever escape. Then no victim of Ariel Castro will ever talk about rape or torture out of shame.

  8. Great work – awareness is vital to protect all children from every community

  9. I admire Mohan singh so much for his work and was really distressed after watching the programme. Why do our Sikh girls feel that they have no one to talk too.
    I def want to contribute in someway and spread the word, offer an ear to these poor girls. Its not just Sikh girls being targeted, it’s all girls.
    The mentality of these men, they have no morals and think with only one thing…. and its not their brains!
    I feel so much for these young girls and their families, we need to stand togther now and fight together to prevent this. Sikh Parents, please speak openly about this horrible topic…. your girls need you!

    • Jagroop Singh

      Davinder ji you are very right all parents have to educate they are selfs and make the kids feel that can talk anything to them not just do what parents want to do i have seen many sikh older peoples talks big things when outside what not followed they own home dos’t work like that.
      Give bit freedom to kids what the same time play you role as parents not just working and working… and make it too late to come back….

  10. Wow, just caught up on the messages, I truly understand the anger and frustration, and at the same time disappointed at the generalisation of muslim Imams. All the masjid’s I’ve been to have never taught that. I am happy to undergo any vetting and CRB, I just want to help.

    Like Brother Salman, we recognise that there is a problem with Pakistani’s at the end of the day, an Arab or Somailian can’t pass for a Sikh or speak Punjabi right?

    We’re genuinely reaching out to in recognition of the issue to a) save all young girls from abuse b) address the issue in the Pakistani community c) clean up the image of muslims


    • Thank you Maz

      We all know in the Sikh Community that this is not the fault of good hearted and god fearing Muslims, it is the minority few who are taking advantage of laws within Islam from 1400 years ago , which my Muslim friends tell me are now taken out of context and used by a few evil men to preach hate.

      I also had the pleasure of meeting some people from the SAS and talked to them about this and their response was very good. There are some EDL people posting around under the name of SAS and trying to hijack the agenda but the Sikh community is well aware of this and the SAS are not in any way linked with the EDL.


  11. Maz Ahmad while I accept that there is a generalisation of Imams but you are completely ignoring the fact that some girls who have been caught up in these situations have been converted by imams. So either these Imams were oblivious to the fact that she was being groomed or they didn’t care. There seems to be a denial amongst Muslims which I find greatly disheartening and that is that they will accept no criticism towards their religion, or towards some of Mohammed’s practices – at least Muslims should accept that those actions were maybe permitted thousands of years ago but are not permissible today.

    I mean answer this one question
    would you marry an 7-9 year old girl ?
    would you enslave the girls of the enemy and rape them after a war?

    The answer is probably NO. It is time for Muslims to regroup and say these things are not allowed, even if Mohammed did it. You just cannot keep denying these FACTS, and until you accept that Islam has some part to play due to its medieval stance on women’s issues and rights. I think you will be failingly trying to convince people for a very long time. More and more people are starting to read the Quran and about Mohammed’s life and it’s not looking very good. When I have tried to question Muslim scholars about these things all I get is excuses and they continue to say Mohammed was perfect. These excuses are used by extremists to their advantage. They use the same scripture you use to kill rape and torture.

    From what I know about the Sikh religion, and it’s not much I agree, but it is fascinating me at the moment. from 500 years ago they have never taken slaves in war, and never raped the enemies of their women, instead they would escort them to their homes. When the Persians invaded India and took thousands of women as slaves to sell in slave markets the Sikh armies gathered and attacked the Persian army freeing many of the women and then escorting them home – now that is amazing !

  12. Please keep to the topic in hand, no derogatory comments or offensive material will be allowed to be posted.

    The SAS is concerned with one thing only and that is to combat the scourge of sexual grooming and all types of abuse of children and women through AWARENESS.

  13. I had read about the sexual grooming of young girls in UK though had been under the impression that young Caucasian girls were the primary target. I watched the BBC documentary and was astonished to know that this epidemic is beyond ethnic boundaries and that even the South Asian community and particularly the Sikh community is unfortunately a victim of this hideous crime. Being located miles away, I can’t be of much help in person but have certainly signed up for a monthly donation to help fight this disease. At the cost of not sounding insensitive, if our honour and tradition is what is putting our younger generations at risk; then it might be time for us to fight our own battles before battling the criminals. I believe compassion, unprecedented moral and emotional support has to supersede all other aspects. Keep up the good work, the selfless and determined team at SAS.

  14. I don’t feel that anything I said was inaccurate. There are paedos/sexual predators in all communities (including our own) and we should be vigilant against them all.

    However I can’t accept the argument that this is purely a Pakistani (as opposed to Muslim) issue – the Oxford case involved Egyptians, the Leicester case involved an Afghan, there were a few cases up North involving Afghans.

    I made the point in my post that accusations of grooming had been flatly denied by the Muslim community for decades but that they finally acknowledged the issue in the face of overwhelming evidence. They seem to have moved to damage limitation now and some even seem to be tossing the blame back to the Sikhs, claiming that the abusers are victims of anti-Muslim propaganda in the Sikh community.

    I’ve been asked to prove that community elders encourage this behaviour. This is impossible, which leader encouraging men to groom would openly admit this? None, not least because they would be likely to face prosecution. Look at the facts – the abuse is not isolated to one city or one area of the country, it has occurred in London, the Midlands and the North. Ask yourself how this could happen without a central and determined effort.

  15. I think that a lot of the problem lies with Sikh girls not being educated about Sikhism, this would not happen in the Muslim community as people within that community preach their religion and stand up for their religion so much. This however does not seem to be the case within Sikhism.. I don’t no how the message of Sikhi can be relayed but it needs to be put out there in a much stronger form. Parents need to encourage girls to be true to their religion but not in a forceful way just promote it by perhaps doing paath themselves so that maybe their daughters will follow.
    I am a young teenager myself and don’t go out and drink but nearly all Sikh girls my age seem to be doing so and its really sad to see this because this is the way in which girls are lured, Sikh girls are trying too hard to be noticed and are moving away from religion. Please do not take this is the wrong way and I am not saying this goes for all Sikh girls but the majority.
    We all need to stick together, see beyond popularity and being like everyone else and be true to our religion and promote our religion.. not drumming it in any way but somehow trying to get girls to have faith to go to when in need.

    • I blame Sikh parents or the elders for everything that has gone wrong in the Sikh community full stop period, all they care about is university and the kids becoming lawyers doctors accounts and dentists they don’t give a damn about sikhi until there kids are ruined and when that happens they still don’t give a dam because they still don’t do anything. the elders and parents have abandoned sikhi for the sake a piece of paper with a degree written on it its ego that has ruined the Sikh community not islam the parents and elders don’t have any values never mind teaching there kids any Sikhism in my opinion is finished dead and buried I am better of converting to Hinduism the religion of my fore fathers.

    • Dear sister
      I totally agree
      I have a young daughter 3 years old.

      Please give me some tips as the father and mother of how I can encourage my daughter and son ages 5 and 3 to love Sikhism more in today’s so called uk modern living.
      The other problem is that we live in a 90 % Muslim are of East london over 30 min away from any Sikh gurudwara or community so it seems more challenging any tips welcomed.

    • You are exactly right. I’ve grown up in this country having religious grandparents which have been my only real source of understanding Sikhism. Though I am not well read when it comes to Sikhism, my parents and grandparents have been able to pass on the humanistic element that the religion provides.

      However, I have not come across many people who follow religious teachings, but yet still call themselves a Sikh, Hindu, Christian muslim etc. People do as they please these days manly to fit into society and forget the message that their parents and grandparents are actually teaching them. I don’t believe its wrong to drink or go out partying as long as the person is still in control of what they are doing and this comes down to being taught between right and wrong. Constraining people from not doing something without good reason only makes them want to do it. Without proper nurturing and having open discussions with ones parents it is difficult for youngsters to decide on what is best and those are the ones which are most vulnerable to being lead astray.

  16. Ravneet Singh

    Mohan veer ji, thank you for what you are doing. I just watched the BBC video and was taken back by how often this is happening. I had heard rumors here and there about these types of things occurring, but never gave it really much thought until I saw this video. Glad BBC reached out or vice versa to raise awareness.

    Perhaps I am wrong in this, since I don’t live in England and don’t really know how it feels to live in a place where these things occur, but I don’t think we should point our fingers at a religion and blame Islam for this. I think like Salman and Maz have mentioned, this is more of a societal problem.

    There are different types of organized crime all over the world. There are the cartels that kidnap teenagers and use their dead bodies to transport drugs from Mexico to US because drunk teenagers there to have fun are vulnerable. There is some organized crime that targets just the elderly because they are vulnerable. My point is, these perpetrators identified a vulnerability within a community, the Punjabi-Sikh community in this case because the girls were afraid to mention the sexual acts to their parents.

    I guess my point is that we as Sikhs shouldn’t go pointing fingers at a religion. What Sandeep Singh says in this forum in response to Maz is not what Sikhi is about. We should as human beings work together to get rid of inhumane issues like these. These don’t happened just in the Sikh community. We need to break down the divided lines and work together as human beings.

    On the point of infiltrating an organization, I believe we should never trust anyone until they prove you wrong. Say if a person with bad intentions comes into this organization and wants to help out. Perhaps give him/her few trivial tasks at first and have them earn your trust. Perhaps interview them, do background checks, etc.

    Sorry if I got off topic there. But I see it this way: If a Sikh does something horrendous, most other communities will lash out at the whole Sikh community and blame us and our response usually is “don’t blame the whole community.” I see this in the same way.

  17. A huge step for the safety of Sikh Females, by SAS and baba Mohan Singh Ji. I truly appreciate all your efforts from the bottom of my heart and I’d like to join you as well, kindly let me know how can I help.

  18. Hello, Sat Sri Akal, and Namaste,

    I am a mental health counselor and I am also Punjabi Sikh. I am shocked to hear about the sexual grooming of young Sikh girls (I watched the documentary video). I have a whole different perspective on this video, because I am a counselor.

    I can certainly understand the shame that these girls feel around being gang raped. Also, when that one counselor said that it is wrong to send the girls off to another country–she is absolutely right. These girls need help, not to be just shunned away. They need the support of their family.

    This makes the victim feel like the problem, receive the blame, and thus feel guilty. These girls need help, not to be just shunned away. They need the support of their family and friends. How can they just start a new life in a new country. No, they need to be able to talk about what happened. The problem is the cultural implications. They are afraid to come forward because of their reputation and honor. If the parents find out their daughter was raped, they will say “she’ll never get married now.” In most cases, they will NOT support her. I was glad to see the supportive parents in the video who happened a halfway house.

    The perpetrators should be shipped off to another country and see how they feel.

    I hope to one day come to the U.K. and work with these girls.

    • The culprits and the truly HARAMZADE who are anti society SHOULD get the justifiable punishment NO QUESTION ABOUT IT, but the LAW protects the criminals more than the victims.IN IDIA
      They seem to have the ANSWER except many innocents are often framed wrongfully-THAT’S INDIA.
      Maye the LAW(Natural) will turn the full circle to deal with ill minded DEVILS.

  19. Finally there is a voice for vulnerable young girls in our community.

    I am a sikh doctor currently traveling in New Zealand and due to return to UK in September.
    I believe there are many issues within our community that lead to being targeted and so much more work is needed to focus on giving young girls more opportunities to engage in extracurricular activities in sports and arts where they would be around others of their own age.

    Part of the problem is lack of strong female role models and social freedom. Also this honour and respect for family is our Achilles, creating an environment where our children are too scared to speak out creates a cycle of secrets and lies leading to problems.

    I think we also need to work on teaching young girls strength, courage, independence in order for them to have the social skills and power to avoid these situations from arising in the first place.

  20. attended the event held at the Leicester BAPS temple. Was very informative and educational. Amazing work done by this group.

  21. You are doing great job and seva ( selfless service) and its a shame most are unaware of SAS.
    We need the following in many countries;
    – pamphlets. DVDs with short video so people can watch at home of SAS
    – Gurdwaras informed and donation set up
    – attention of higher authorities other than Scotland yard or council i,e
    – mobile app. created with attention of updates
    – text messages sent worldwide to members, persons interested
    – offices set up in London, Birmingham areas and main office outside of UK
    – regular attention to United Nations, USA senators ( we know UK gov is useless)
    – contact international Gurdwaras to let them know as this problem will spread to Canada, USA, Germany etc..

    I am disgusted and appalled at the British gov for turning a blind eye and we need to take action. We need to save Hindu/sikh/ christians girls from grooming. Every college, uni, school must be notified.

    I have more ideas

    God bless- watching the video has left me speechless

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