"Society has poisoned itself, and is now choking and suffocating in its own vomit. We are in the grip of our own social and physical collapse, of our own doing and own making."



"The Dark Age of Kaal Yug is the dagger, and kings are the butchers; righteous has sprouted wings and flown away. In this dark night of falsehood, the moon of Truth is not visible anywhere. I have searched in vain, and I am so confused. In this darkness, I cannot see the way. In egotism, they cry out in pain. Says Nanak, how will they be saved?" Guru Nanak, Raag Maajh, ang 145, GURU GRANTH SAHIB



Is the above statement about world society particular to the 15th century, or is it equally relevant to the conditions of life that we see around us today? All the same vices, injustices, malpractises, that were present in the 15th century continue today. Indeed, they have become much more sophisticated and multiple. 


Mass murder; gambling; drug-taking; manipulation and distortion of the human body (e.g. plastic implants); sexual perversion and promiscuity; violence; junk 'food' lifestyle; mass killing and consumption of animals; trampling and destruction of the earth's environment and ecology; administrative and institutional corruption; superstitions; idol and person-worship; materialism; vanity; greed; money and profit. All this continues in abundance around us, in a what is a greedy, individualistic, money driven society. The world has not changed. A few things in terms of law and order may have changed. However,  overall greed, gluttonous consumption, mass-scale violence by governments and people; mass cruelty and killing of animals; destruction of natural land, trees and ecological biodiversity. All of this continues apace with the full support and direction of the man-made law and man-made governments; in the name of 'development' and 'progress'. 


Even our supposed institutional defenders and champions of positive living - the Gurdwaras, the Sikh schools, Sikh radio stations, Sikh media - have failed. They too have chosen the popular path of maya (worldy attachment and populism); rather the distinct independent path of Khaalsa principles.

"Man is awake and yet he is being  robbed. The worst of it is , that he is enjoying it. He is wearing the noose of worldy attachments around his neck and is becoming more and more engrossed in them."

Parbhaatee Guru Nanak Dev, ang 1333, GURU GRANTH SAHIB 

Society has poisoned itself, and is now choking and suffocating in its own vomit. We are in the grip of our own social and physical collapse, of our own doing and own making. We are now witnessing the direct disasterous and destructive effects of these on our very social and physical earthly being. "The strings of his life are all tangled up; he is utterly helpless." Parbhatee, Guru Nanak, ang 1333, GURU GRANTH SAHIB ||



The vital chains of social respect, care and sharing that make a society function and unite as a human family, are in open collapse everywhere. Drugs, guns, gang violence, anti-social behaviour, individualism, self-glory, glamour and beauty - these dominate our media, television, our public environment, our schools. Our government makes not attempt to check or challenge them; and protect us from them. Instead, we are left fully exposed and vulnerable to their powerful reach. They reach into every aspect of our individual, working and family lives. We are infected, our children are infected.


Tony Blair and Kaal Yug

Tony Blair mixes and socialises with the very glamourous and glitzy figures from the pop music, film, fashion and other industries which project this unethical poison upon us. He supports and subsidises the meat industry by millions. He supports and legislates for the expansion of the destructive alcohol industry, the gambling industry, the profit driven commercial industry. He and his team of ministers, give these forces open access into our society and our families. When Tony Blair's wife is being paid �70,000 per hour to deliver speeches to the elite audiences from these industries; their is clearly a motive. Even more importantly, though, it demonstrates a complete failure by a goverment, a Prime Minister, a so-called leader of a nation; to defend and nourish the social, moral and physical health of a nation and the societal values and ethics that make it a social family. Tony Blair is not a patriotic Englishman. He has no affinity or committment to English or any other communty or national values.


He is simply, like all heads of state have demonstrated, a politician having a good time in the supreme office of power. He is getting all the time, profit, egotistical self-acclaim and self-benefit that he can by remaining there. His recent comments challenging the 'intolerance' of the Muslim community, and the need for ethnic minorities to 'integrate' into English values; is a desperate re-action to the rising popularity of the BNP. Blair is presenting himself as the champion of Englishness, over and above the BNP.


Everyday and everywhere, we are seeing the double-standards, insincerity, lies and injustices of our public figures, our religious and political institutions, the corruption, the total insensitivity and disrepect to earthly creation and life. We are witnessing exactly what Guru Nanak jee said about the world in the 15th century. Despite the revolutionary emergence of the Khaalsa nation over the 15th - 18th century, and pockets of the same across the globe; we find that we are today engufled in the same Kaal Yug that the Guru's condemned and confronted. Indeed, today as Sikhs - in our disorientated, modernised, Anglicised and westernised form, submitting and conforming to the pressures and intrusions of more dominant foreign ways - we have become part of the global problem and global collapse. WE are part of KAAL YUG, and KAAL YUG is part of us. "The self-willed manmukh openly eats the great poison." Parbhaatee, Guru Nanak, ang 1330, GURU GRANTH SAHIB



Like the entire states and societies of the world, which are constructed and legalised on Kaal Yug; we too have become participants in the same greed, mass profit, materialism, junk 'food' diets, mass killing and destruction of nature and creation; that the dominant societies around us have become famous for. No amount of gurbani can save us from the vices we have adopted and ingrained into our daily eating, thinking and practises. We will not find escape and resuce in gurbani, until we shed these poisions and begin to abide by the guidance of gurbani.


The creator created the abundant earth, with its trees, plants, soil, water, sky, creatures and more. He placed the human in the midst of this, to be a gentle and conscious participant, carer and guardian. To live through the given life in service of the sacred creation - guided and directed by spiritual connection and union with the hukam of creation and the hukam of life. To enthusiastically embrace and become one with HUKAM, not be separate. To treat and apply life purposefully and ethically, and to treat it as a sacred opportunity to fulfill HUKAM.  To live life as a means to fulfil and serve wah-i-guru entire law and order of creation, existence and life. Not to see life as one's property. Mankind has fallen away from this intended path. It has invented its own ways and means of living. It has created layers and layers of complex materialism, fancies, machines, technologies, cars, houses, monies, luxuries, weapons; to entertain its fickle mind. It has killed, murdered, destroyed, poisoned and suffocated the world in achieiving that - people, animals and the earth. It intends to continue with the same in the name of 'DEVELOPMENT' and 'SUSTAINBLE DEVELOPMENT'.  


OUR IMMINENT SELF-DESTRUCTION - Are we ready for our death!

Scientists are today telling us that, within the next 50 years and possibly less, we will see devastating  global upheavals in the earth's ecosystems ('global warming'). Scientists say these have the capacity to destroy half the world's human population, and render life for the rest near impossible. Tornados, tsunamis, colossal floods, droughts, crop failures, heat-waves, earthquakes, soil collapse. These and many more aspects of our essential physical earthly environment will begin to react in a thunderous and repelling way; to the hundreds of years of abuse, torture, posion and violence that we have inflicted on it body and soul. The western greedy elities, and elites in the east that ever seek to copy them, have rampaged across history and the earth. Committing slavery; colonialism; environmental destruction; genocide of small natural communities; conquering lands; slaughtering animals to extinction; subjugating and encaging animals, nature and powerless peoples for use in scientific, technological and military pursuits. We have reached a point of no-return - a SELF-DESTRUCTION. 


The earth and existence is not ours to own and misuse. We arrogant humans have disregarded the creator, his creation, the laws of fair and benevolent conduct. We have disrupted the whole process and equilibirum of life on earth. The creator is mightier than man. The earth, the supreme mother (Mattha Dharth Mahath), is mightier than man. The tornado's in London, the tsunamis in the world's tourist hotspots, heat-waves in Europe, the droughts and the many more cyclical and multiple effects to come; we will suffer a just and deserved slow torturous self-destruction.  The next fifty years will be an extremely telling period. We will receive our reward for our carefree rampage across history and the earth. Arrogrant human, do you have the courage to confront your death?  "What you harvest, so shall you eat." Japjee, Guru Nanak


From this downfall of an unworthy humankind, will emerge a new life and new existence of eternity. Those who have demonstrated their kindness and love to creation and existence through dedicated thought, action and lifestyle; will form a part of that imminent eternal family. "Panth Khaalsa Hosee Parkaash. Malehsh Khaalsa Hosee Naas"


bhai jagdeesh singh