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What is Blackmail Blackmail is a form of robbery that usually involves the use of threats toa person’s reputation and an effort to extort money or sexual favors Reputations are very important in a society you cannot move on with a destroyed reputation. There is a saying destroy a man’s house, he can rebuild it, but if you destroy a ... Read More »

Women and Sikhism

most religions, consider Women as inferior and no more than property owned by men; only Sikhism challenged this, more than 500 year ago. Throughout history, women were treated as mere property whose only value was as a servant or for entertainment. They were considered seducers and distractions from man’s spiritual path. Men were allowed polygamy but widows were not allowed ... Read More »

Complaints over use of ‘Asian’ label in grooming cases

Groups representing Sikh and Hindu communities have complained about the term “Asian” being used to describe the men involved in grooming trials. Earlier this month, nine men were jailed for being part of a sex ring in Rochdale which groomed girls for sex. The groups said the men involved were “almost always of Pakistani origin” and the term “Asian” was ... Read More »

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